How to replace a radiator?

How to replace a condenser? 

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How to measure the core?

The core is the area that contains the tubes and fins. The core size can be determined by measuring your product from the inside of one tank to the beginning inside of the opposite tank, excluding any metal or plastic bracketing material. Certain applications of radiator will have different core sizes, and it is imperative that you check them prior to purchasing. We are not responsible for the return of your radiator should you purchase an incorrect size, or if you purchase a part without first checking the various sizes listed on our website.

How can I cancel/ return my order?

All canceled/ returned orders are subject to a 20% restocking fee based on the total amount of the order. We recommend that you are certain that you need a part when ordering with us. However, we will do our best prevent items from shipping that have been requested canceled. To cancel an order or file a return claim please contact our customer service via email (welcome@yourradiator.com) or our service line (781-609-7690).


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